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Information about technologies, here under general description and theoretical fundamentals, applicability, figures and pictures, environmental effects, biosecurity impacts, investment price and operational costs, BAT-status and related verifications of commercial technologies on the market, scientific references, reference to commercial installations and suppliers. Click the technology group for descriptions: Get the code to embed the AgroTechnologyATLAS on your own webpage


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  • Pre-feasibility calcuation tool for biogas projects. With this tool you can configure a biogas plant with the available technologies in the ATLAS. The tool can be used for calculation of income and expenses. Incomes taken into consideration are the energy production (electricity and heat) as well as improved availability of plant nutrients, possible green certificates, value of emission reductions, and gate fees. As expenses are considered costs of operating the plant and depreciating the net investment cost. Open the tool Get the code to embed this tool on your own webpage
  • Tool for assessing the spatial smell implications of a given biogas plant. The tool display on a map the area around a given biogas plant that is affected by smell, dependent on the size of the plant, the type of biomass digested and the height of the chimney and the degree of filtration of exhaust air. The tool is developed for use in Denmark, where it shows the number of dwellings inside certain smell categories, but can as well be used in other countries. The tool is in Danish language. Go to the tool
  • Alfam - interctive model for estimating ammonia evaporation during field spreading of slurry. The tool calculates the loss of nitrogen via evaporation of ammonia in connection to field spreading of slurry/liquid manure. The user can adjust decisive parametres, such as weather conditions, dose and quality of the slurry, and type of the used field spreading technique. Open the tool Get the code to embed this tool on your own webpage
  • KTBL calculation tool for biogas (Wirtschaftslichkeitsrechner Biogas). With this tool, developed by Kuratorium für Bauwesen in der Landwirtschaft (KTBL), it is possible to estimate the value and income from anaerobic digestion of certain types and amounts ofsubstrates. The tool is in German language. Go to the tool