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Exhibition: "Win-win technologies for nutrient management"

This is the title of the exhibition, that can be seen at Agro Business Park, and which deals with technologies with benefits for both environmentalists and farmers. The exhibition is partly virtual and some of the video clips etc. can be seen from here. The exhibition is mobile and will during the coming months and years be displayed at different places and events around the Baltic Sea.

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Technology opportunities

Are you looking for new business opportunities, products or projects concerning innovative agro-environmental technologies? Enterprise Europe Network maintains a database with offers and requests from more than 40 countries, including all EU Member States. Use this tool to ensure involvement in cutting-edge technology development to keep up your competitiveness. Open the tool

You are also welcome to contact Louise Krogh Johnson, lkj@agropark.dk, tel. +45 2154 5909, for assistance with use of the tool, or in case you wish to announce a technology offer or request.